Saturday, April 25, 2015

Writing my Fiction, Non Fiction & Photography Books

Writers Write about Writing and other things....

I am addicted, or should I say passionate, about my work, design; my writing and my photography hobbies.

A Selection of Books - Mallory

No different than anyone else who enjoys their work, I like to talk about it, but if no one is there to listen, then I write about it. Working in the design/build industry for many years has prompted a few books to help others in their quest to create healthy environments. When I present at seminars, I hand out copies of my books to those who are anxious to learn and want to save on costly mistakes. I enjoy writing non fiction. Fun Schway, the North American way and Ancient Secrets for a Healthy Home turned into excellent reference books.

But... on the other side of the coin, is creativity. Fiction. When several of my clients requested information about building their home from scratch, they asked for a detailed description on how they could incorporate the ancient studies that I practiced into their plans. So, I thought, how better way than to write about 'building a home' in a mystery novel. The book was enjoyed by many as I plotted out the adventure from an empty lot, to selecting an architect/designer to the construction... with all its trials and tribulations in House of the Caduceus.

Photography complements design, especially around an explanation of  'how-to'. Whether it is the exterior, interior or individual products, a visual helps clear up the mystery. Today, writers are fortunate to have several social media options, like Instagram and Google+ to display their works with their displays of art, information and news for all to learn, enjoy and respond to. And, writing is never seasonal.

Condo LivingRoom Update
Kitchen Design - Timberframe Home

French Design Ensuite - Reno

Classic Bedroom Design for Grannie 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Expresso Publishing for Print-on-Demand Writers

Store Front Publishing.
Expresso Publishing Machine
Recently, I took an informative tour of the Espresso publishing copier/machine at Victoria University Bookstore. This amazing publishing tool has your manuscript printed in 6 minutes as a bound book, ready for reading or selling. Self publishers will truly benefit from this technology when attending book clubs or book signings.
These knowledgeable publishing people are very helpful for those who need assistance for your formatting and cover design plus they offer other services. I recommend all those who have a ready to print manuscript give them a visit or email at 
There are very few of these machines in Canada... But you can expect to see Print-on-Demand paperback book publishing machines in stores, on the street, in hotel lobbies, airports etc in just a few years.
~ Mallory~
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Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Good Feng Shui says Book Writers need to 'createspace'  that is inspiring, an area that nurtures the soul and encourages you to finish your 'work in progress.'

Creative Workspace
Are you a writer, author, journalist or blogger? Do you write stories for children or report the facts for a how-to book? Are you creating drama in sci-fi or a crime novel? No matter what your genre, you must create a special area that is calling you to write/work. Every time you enter the space, walk by or take a quick peak... it should draw you in, be free of  'stuff'' and make you feel good, so that your inspiration blossoms and grows. 
A known fact is that you are a product of your environment, so take a good look around and see if 
your current writing space is busy, cluttered or unappealing. If this is the case, then your mind is most likely overactive, full of useless chatter and giving you excuses 'not to write.' 

Author - Mallory

1. Post an inspiring name for your work-in-progress project directly in front of you. (The name will change as you progress and should eventually match the content and the cover when your project is completed.)
2. Keep an attractive journal nearby for ideas, notes, inspiration. Make notes in point-form only. Be organized and create a list for each week and follow or update it daily. Check off your accomplishments and write for success and financial gain.
3. Have 'nothing' around your creative space so all positive energy comes to you and not your 'stuff.'
4. Be situated near light (window, lamp, etc) for 'fire' energy. Have a healthy plant in SE corner to increase wealth.
5. Put away all papers, pens, staplers, books, mail, and absolutely all things that could cause distraction and negative energy. Clear the air, and clear the space!

An empty room has 100% positive energy, unless damaged. Add a desk, chair, rug, lamp and this energy drops to 80%... add a laptop, printer, couch, artwork, files and books, it drops to 40%... add tables, papers, bills (negative energy) etc and it drops again to less than 25%. The less you have around you, the more positive energy surrounds you whether creating on the comfort of your couch, on the dining room table or in a special cozy corner.

Keep positive, be creative and Write!

Thank you for sharing, it is much appreciated ~ Mallory 

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