Thursday, August 15, 2019

The Best Studio (400sq) Update!

The Ultimate Studio Update: Whether a bachelor pad, suite or condo, it is very important to create a space filled with positive energy, be environmentally friendly as possible and most importantly
 feel like home!

There is a time in most peoples life, when they are looking for affordability in housing and begin or end their search with a small space. More and more condo's, apartments or suites are turning into an open single room that's no larger than a standard double garage. It takes a creative eye to turn this into an all-inclusive home. Good Feng Shui!

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Considerations should include your most import needs.

1.   Cooking - kitchen area & it's purpose: to what extent you eat in, entertain  guests, or the need for food storage.
2.   Laundry area - appropriate room for a stacker washer/dryer and folding space.
3.   Work: computer - laptop, storage, desk, lighting and specific needs.
4.   Closet space - footwear, outer wear, clothes, bedding, household needs, cleaners, vacuum, brooms and other special needs.

5.    Space planning - furniture (size, function, storage) Seating for 6
6.    Lighting - overhead, hallways, kitchen, lamps, fans, dark corners
7.    Wardrobes or buffets for storage
8.    Tables (eating) fold down and open, seating to accommodate guests
9.    Entertainment: Screen (wall mount), music, chromecast/bluetooth needs and other

10.  Sleeping area options, space saving
11.  Floorings: colour, texture, function, durability
12.  Window treatments: privacy, easy operation, appearance-style
13.  Wall treatments: colour, texture, variety, 'light-ness' durability
14.  Accessories: mirrors, artwork, hangings, greenery, collectables
15.  Overall storage needs

Recycle all items not needed, used or loved.

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Saturday, July 27, 2019

Ultimate Basement Reno

When converting a storage basement into an amazing apartment, it becomes the ultimate basement reno.

With the outlandish cost of housing and moving today, couples are considering alternative options, such as raising the roof for more bedrooms, an addition for a larger kitchen or redoing a storage basement into the ultimate apartment.

By salvaging cabinets, olde furniture, adding wallpaper, new paint and updated fixtures and appliances, a remarkable reno will increase the value of your home. This space becomes a cosy livable apartment for family or a valuable rental area for needed income.

Large bright windows, new entry door, light finished flooring and custom furnishings can be accounted for when preparing a specific plan listing the required materials, and then purchased when they are on sale for greater savings. The plan is everything as it keeps everything on budget.

Prepare a layout. Sketches or drawings will indicate correct placement and sizes of products. List everything from coat-hangers and door knobs to cabinets and furnishings, artwork and fixtures.  There is never a surprise if the project is well coordinated. Lots of items can be found in unusual places and used as unique design features turning it into a custom design project.
Change your environment, change your life. Living with Feng Shui is all about feeling 'good' within your environment.

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Monday, June 10, 2019

Fun Schway Accessories for New Updated Interiors

Accessories: Fun Schway with Feng Shui to update your interior design with new trends from Thrift Stores and Dollar Stores when on a budget.
Create a new look for your home.

Accessorize Your Home
It's an easy fix!
Take your favourite space or a room that you would like to 'spring clean' so to speak.  A place that you would like to 'kick it up a notch'. Give that room some fun schway energy with budget decorating!

  • first, you remove all your 'stuff' and even the pictures, but not the furniture, at least not the large pieces. (Use what you have got)
  • second, pick out an accessory colour that goes or complements your existing furniture.
  • rearrange these larger pieces, if this is an option, to create a visually larger space; IE place items on angles.
  • set a budget for the accessories $75-$200 - you may create the new look for half this amount.
  • list about 15 items to look for on your shop... candles, pillows to picture frames, sheets for drapes or table cloths for sofa throws
  • hit the thrift shops, dollar stores, and check out the sales at your local home/garden stores.
Sample: a room with white walls and beige furniture is accented with blue accessories, a bold punch to brighten and enhance a new look with great energy, good feng shui!

Floor Plant, Mirror, Lamp

Collectibles, antiques,
canvas prints

Tray, placemat, tablecloth,
flowers, pillow

Lamp, violet, waterjug/vase

tablecloths and $4 thrift-store chairs

Angle sofa

Plates, pillows,
tablecloth-sofa throw

Dollar store picture frames

Outdoor mat, tablecloth, pillow
a book on healthy homes
 and a new way to create positive energy.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Spotlight on Mallory Wilkins

Author Spotlight

Publisher recognizes Mallory's writing in an Author Spotlight with a current listing of a few of the books available online.

 More books by Mallory Neeve Wilkins
More books by Mallory Neeve Wilkins

Just in time for spring reading ... Take a moment to view a couple of novels and photography books as well as non-fiction on the 'Spotlight' page. Youtube Book Videos display the Book Trailer.

Ancient Secrets for a Healthy Home
(How-to, reference)
Book Trailer
Hot-Walker Life on the Fast Track
(crime/romance novel)
Book Trailer  
House of the Caduceus
Book Trailer
The Art of Laundry Hang-ups
(photography, whimsy)

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Print and ebooks: Mallory Neeve Wilkins

Print & eBooks:  Mallory Neeve Wilkins

House of the Caduceus - Mystery/Spiritual
Follow the adventures of a  designer & architect as they become involved in the dangerous construction of a healing retreat on the Pacific west coast near Zeballos where a dynamic meeting of Eastern and Native cultures impact the mood, health and energy of all those working on the unique project.  Preview Video
Available online for your convenience! (ebook & print)

Hot-Walker Life on the Fast Track - Crime/Romance
1960's marked the rise of a new generation, Canadian horse racing and courtroom drama when Hot-Walker Frannie Harrison witnessed the violent murder of her fiance, an American draft dodger, at Woodbine racetrack. Preview Video   
Available online for your convenience! (ebook & print)

Non Fiction:
Feng Shui Interiors - North American Feng Shui
A house carries energy from the land, the architect, the builder, all those who worked on it, lived in it and every 'thing' inside it. Preview Video.
Available online for your convenience! (ebook & print)

Ancient Secrets for a Healthy Home - Removing Stagnant Energy
Sacred studies indicate that changes within your environment impact your moods, health and lifestyle. China and India have for millennia mapped the path of the Earth's subtle energies, endeavoring to bring harmony and well-being to all people.
Available online for your convenience. (ebook & print)
Preview Video 

Feng Shui Journal - Maintaining Balance
Journal to record the positive and negative of your day, and then make corrections by removing obstacles which block the path of positive energy that surrounds you. Preview Video

Graveyard Autos 
Classic cars in Big Fir Forest on the Sunshine Coast, BC
Preview Video.

The Laundry Art Book
From around the world, laundry art appears in the strangest places as people display their delicates for all to see.
Preview Video.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

1990 Peterboro Ontario Sketches - Mallory Neeve Wilkins

Peterborough Ontario

Back in the day... as they say, I lived in Peterborough Ontario raising my children with my husband Dan. We enjoyed and loved the olde area and landscape of historic old-town Ontario. During these years, a recession set in and many a day we lingered together sketching the buildings, landscape and scenery while we worked hard designing and building our dream home on Weller Street.
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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Feng Shui Amazing Kitchen Island - Mallory Neeve Wilkins

The perfect Kitchen Island

Feng Shui and designing the best kitchen island is done by removing straight lines and adding curves and insets... straight lines cause the path of energy to flow too fast, turning negative.
Feng Shui encourages a meandering path to keep the energy flowing positive without the danger of sharp edges and drastic corners. This youtube video will help visualize the concept.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Best Summertime Books for a Good Read!

Relax, it's summertime, enjoy a good book!

Summertime reading together? Staying together!

It's that wonderful time of year again... time to relax and enjoy a good read during the holidays. Over the last 8 years, I have been actively writing and photographing and preparing youtubes of my books for my fans, during which time I have published two novels inspired by true events, two non fiction Fun Schway How-to books, 2 photography books, journals and calendars. The variety is for you to review and select your favourites for yourself, gifts, sharing, book clubs, meet-ups etc.
View all the book trailerbook trailer videos...
'Video/youtube 'Mallory's Books' for book trailer viewing...

Available online
Available online through your favourite book retailer source ... by title, author name (Mallory Neeve Wilkins) or through an online retailer... in ebook, paperback, hardcover, kindle etc... Options of having them delivered right to your door; downloaded immediately or gifted and delivered to your friends.

Monday, June 27, 2016