Monday, July 28, 2014

Mallory Neeve Wilkins 'The Laundry Art Book'

Collectors 'Laundry Art' Photography story book... Some humour, I thought, fun to see 'laundry' just hanging out. The Art of Laundry Hang-Ups has been created from many of my travels around the world where I found delicate pieces of clothing. These items identify a persons psyche, an indication of ones search to cleanse their day, their personals, in hope of removing the negative energy from their life in search of a fresh new start. Clothes indicate a lifestyle, work, pleasure and status. Who are these people?
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Book Available: 
1.  Laundry Hang-ups Hardcover book
2. Publisher hardcover mini coffee table book
3. 2015 Laundry Art Calendar

The Art of Laundry Hang-Ups

The outdoor breeze, the wind, the rain all cleanse the air and our laundry, which hold our days energy, whether it was a good day or a sad negative day. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; colour, style, fabric all carry energy.  So let the outdoors unclutter your life.

ebook: The Laundry Art Book - Blurb publishing

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