Sunday, August 17, 2014

Vintage Cars photobook "GRAVEYARD AUTOS'

During my years designing the interior of an unique beach house on the sunshine coast in British Columbia, I was taken on a hike deep into the big fir forests of the area.  After some time had passed, the sun caught the glimmer of a chrome bumper that flashed across the towering trees as if an unknown spirit was trying to reach out to get our attention. Climbing over stumps of historic logs that had a 5 - 7 foot radius, we stumbled upon several dozen classic car relics that had been (somehow) thrown into the depths of the forest, stacked several cars high. It was a sight and a find that overwhelmed us. Classic cars from the 1930s-1950s fell upon our view as if struggling to peer through the fallen timbers, overgrown moss and debris. I felt the area should be designated as a heritage park for all to see. It was a virgin sight as Mother Nature was burying these gems one by one as they slept in pain, drifting off into oblivion. The more we walked and traveled through the forest, we located more. No one knows how they got there, or when or why. 
Were they stolen vehicles and used for parts, like a private wrecking yard... or were they the remnants of a prosperous logging era in the 1960s that replaced the golden classics.
It is the mystery of Graveyard Autos.

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