Thursday, September 4, 2014

Mallory Neeve Wilkins Book and Calendar SALE!!

Preview New books and calendars Now Available online.
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Calendar:  THE LAUNDRY ART Calendar (Wall Calendar 2015)

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Calendar:  GRAVEYARD AUTOS  (2015 Wall Calendar)


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Sacred studies indicate that changes within our environment impact our moods, health and lifestyles. China and India have for millenia mapped the path of the Earth's subtle energies, endeavoring to bring harmony and well-being to all people. Ancient Secrets for a Healthy Home describes these studies, Vaastu Shastra and Feng Shui, in a way for you to understand the hidden mysteries and knowledge that the masters and sages of 5000 years ago taught to stay balanced, always focused, and pay attention to nature that attracts positive energy into your life.

Book: THE ART OF LAUNDRY HANG-UPS (Hardcover - Photography)

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Graveyard Autos - hardcover 'art' book
This Fall line-up is for you to enjoy... consider these ideas for gifts, party treats, prizes, fundraisers, collectables, etc.

6. Hardcover 'The Laundry Art Book' from Blurb.

And... I thank you for sharing this Blog with your friends.. and please watch for the publication of the Sports-Crime Novel .. Hot Walker, Life on the Fast Track coming soon to print and ebook for all those interested in a story about thoroughbred racing, murder, romance set in Yorkville, Toronto, 1960s. For your convenience, it will be available online.

~ Mallory ~