Saturday, April 18, 2015

Expresso Publishing for Print-on-Demand Writers

Store Front Publishing.
Expresso Publishing Machine
Recently, I took an informative tour of the Espresso publishing copier/machine at Victoria University Bookstore. This amazing publishing tool has your manuscript printed in 6 minutes as a bound book, ready for reading or selling. Self publishers will truly benefit from this technology when attending book clubs or book signings.
These knowledgeable publishing people are very helpful for those who need assistance for your formatting and cover design plus they offer other services. I recommend all those who have a ready to print manuscript give them a visit or email at 
There are very few of these machines in Canada... But you can expect to see Print-on-Demand paperback book publishing machines in stores, on the street, in hotel lobbies, airports etc in just a few years.
~ Mallory~
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