Saturday, April 25, 2015

Writing my Fiction, Non Fiction & Photography Books

Writers Write about Writing and other things....

I am addicted, or should I say passionate, about my work, design; my writing and my photography hobbies.

A Selection of Books - Mallory

No different than anyone else who enjoys their work, I like to talk about it, but if no one is there to listen, then I write about it. Working in the design/build industry for many years has prompted a few books to help others in their quest to create healthy environments. When I present at seminars, I hand out copies of my books to those who are anxious to learn and want to save on costly mistakes. I enjoy writing non fiction. Fun Schway, the North American way and Ancient Secrets for a Healthy Home turned into excellent reference books.

But... on the other side of the coin, is creativity. Fiction. When several of my clients requested information about building their home from scratch, they asked for a detailed description on how they could incorporate the ancient studies that I practiced into their plans. So, I thought, how better way than to write about 'building a home' in a mystery novel. The book was enjoyed by many as I plotted out the adventure from an empty lot, to selecting an architect/designer to the construction... with all its trials and tribulations in House of the Caduceus.

Photography complements design, especially around an explanation of  'how-to'. Whether it is the exterior, interior or individual products, a visual helps clear up the mystery. Today, writers are fortunate to have several social media options, like Instagram and Google+ to display their works with their displays of art, information and news for all to learn, enjoy and respond to. And, writing is never seasonal.

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