Saturday, June 6, 2015

Paperback - ebook Summer Reads

Summer Reads:
'Hot-Walker Life on the Fast Track' Paperback - ebook
'House of the Caduceus' Paperback - ebook

Enjoy summer reads - find that cozy spot to relax by the water, under a tree or your favourite chair and put your legs up, grab a cool refreshing drink and drift into the pages of a mystery book or sports crime novel and escape into the world of another time, place or adventure.
Paperback and ebook novels are easily accessed online for your convenience and delivered right to your door.

Mystery Novel
High in the mountains near Zeballos, Vancouver Island where
one of Canada's most dangerous construction feats begins, there
is a dynamic meeting of Eastern & Native cultures. When conflict
and upset result in death, mishaps and negative energy, there develops
a mystical flow of kundalini that impacts the moods and health of
everyone working on the retreat house.

novel sports crime romance Hot-Walker
Hot-Walker Life on the Fast Track
Murder trial shocks Toronto community.
1960s Canadian horse racing sports crime romance novel.

Hot-Walker Frannie Harrison
is witness to the violent murder of her fiance
an American draft dodger at Woodbine racetrack.

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