Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hot-Walker, Life on the Fast Track Sports-crime thriller : Blue Bonnets Raceway

The action packed novel, Hot~Walker is filled with secrets of the racing world. 1960s was a time when women made a statement, even riding on the racetrack. The female jockey made a change in thoroughbred training.

The novel Hot~Walker is set in Ontario and Quebec racetracks. The Montreal historic Blue Bonnets racetrack began in 1872 and was located in Ville Saint-Pierre. The Jockey Club of Montreal wasn't founded until 1905 by John F. Ryan and then the new Blue Bonnets Raceway was moved to a new location on Decarie Blvd in June, 1907 where racing lasted for many years.

The president in 1920 was JKL Ross, owner of Sir Barton, the first thoroughbred to win the USA triple crown. In 1932 the racetrack was sold and in 1943, harness racing came to Blue Bonnets and it was in 1954 when flat racing thoroughbreds ended. 

In 1958, the racetrack was sold to JL Levesque who built a new multi-million dollar facility and brought back thoroughbred racing in 1961.Hot~Walker's years of racing took place during this time, and in 1965 Paul Desmarais, the CEO of Power Corporation of Canada took control for its remaining years. It all ended in 2009 and was later dismantled to make way for a housing project.

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