Saturday, November 2, 2013

Canadian Horse Racing Novel

Hot~Walker Life on the Fast Track

Hot-Walker Life on the Fast Track sport crime romance novel
Mallory Neeve Wilkins Novel
Hot-Walker Life on the Fast Track

This Canadian horse racing story was the original novel, SnoMann, that I wrote in the 1980s. The manuscript was gathering dust as it grew from the IBM typewriter to floppy disc to CD and finally reedited and pulled together some 30 years later ... feeling safe that the information was not as dangerous today as it once was ... back in the day.

We meet many individuals along our journey, some gifted while others are, well, different. We all have a story and in Hot~Walker, I released a lot of the struggles and hardships from my youth. It is quite remarkable how writing can save a life, encourage employment, tell a story, make people laugh and heal over time, make beautiful music and produce great screenplays. Yes, the script of letting-go can definitely bring enjoyment, and reading has to be one of the best pastimes to keep the brain sharp and functioning. Novels Available Online

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